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Luciano Quartarone 

Standard & Law

Standards and regulations guide the daily work activities and we often do not realize it. The standards reside even the smallest object of our daily lives: from our mobile SIM to light that enters a room. The applications are wide… [read more].

IT Project Management

Manage IT projects means to apply the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to achieve its objectives, within the constraints and initial requirements. The settings in a temporal span finished distinguishes the project between operational processes of a company that are… [read more]

Longterm preservation for digital informations

As a first approximation it is possible to define the “Digital Preservation” of an “electronic document” as a system of procedures and laws that can ensure over time the legal validity of the document itself. often [read more]

Risk assessment – un altro approccio…

Mi è capitato più volte di imbattermi in questo tema, vedendo diversi tool ed approcci: alcuni molto semplici, altri molto complicati. Non sono pienamente convinto che un software "da scaffale" 🙂 possa andar bene sempre e comunque: spesso si si ha la possibilità di...

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